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Deborah has now joined Optima Real Estate as Broker Associate / VP of Commercial Real Estate. She will not only continue to extend services in residential services but collaborate and expand sales, services and operations in the commercial space.
Prior to embarking on her real estate career, Deborah excelled in the realm of luxury hotels, where she honed her skills within the executive operations team. Upon joining RE/MAX, she knew that she wanted to continue serving the international community with whom she frequently interacted in the hospitality industry. In pursuit of this goal, Deborah obtained the Certified International Real Estate Specialist (CIRES) and Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designations, providing her with a solid foundation in working with international clients.
As a member of the prestigious RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Deborah exemplifies the spirit of dedication, constant learning, and unparalleled service. She continues to expand her horizons in the real estate industry, drawing upon her wealth of knowledge and experience to offer exceptional service to clients from all walks of life.
Deborah Garson proudly identifies herself as a living testament of faith and grace and her unwavering enthusiasm to align and fulfill her God given purpose, entrepreneurial ethos, and steadfast commitment to lifelong learning utilizing wisdom and understanding that it's not how you start but how you finish this journey of life.
Deborah views education as the foundation upon which to construct business, likening it to the intricate architecture of a building. Each course and certification adds another facet to her professional repertoire. Having spent nineteen (19) years @ RE/MAX and 21 years altogether, she has undertaken numerous courses, earning a remarkable array of designations and certifications. Notable among these are the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI), Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS), Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), The Five Star REO Certification, REO Trans Certification,
and RES.NET REO Certification, The Five Star Academy Master Certification (Regulatory Compliance, Legal Practice, Diversity and Inclusion, and Distressed Asset Disposition), and others. Deborah has serviced many REO properties for large and mid-size companies including BOA, Old Republic, First American, Nationstar/Solutionstar, Equity Pointe, AMS Asset Management, etc.

Ever committed to expanding her knowledge and skill set, Deborah has undertaken training and courses in management and in the commercial academic field and is now working towards completing the highly regarded Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation. Her education background both locally and internationally has empowered her to tackle a diverse range of transactions with confidence and proficiency and yet still a deep desire to learn more so as to offer more comprehensive and personalized services in depth and scale in commercial leases and sales.

Deborah is very active within her church community and other charities where she continues to serve and enjoy doing so. Her desire to serve stemmed deeply from early childhood as a member of Kiwanis Builders Club - which has more than 1,124 Builders Clubs in middle schools around the world, and Kiwanis Key Club - a student-led, high school organization in 40 countries which focus on developing leadership and to stand up for what's right through service and volunteerism in serving the need of others. Nurturing that spirit of servanthood, she continues to pursue and channel that deep passion through the local chapter @ Kiwanis Winter Park. For others who read this bio and do not know, Kiwanis International is the parent organization which started this grassroot service in 1919, whose history, mission and values focus on serving others and anchors in being a positive influence in communities worldwide (www.kiwanis.org). A notable organization which impacts children from early childhood to focus and help others instead of "self", so that they will continue to be a role model for their generation and the next generation to come. It's' never too early or too late to start!
In addition to the above, she continues to align, collaborate and channel her time and resources to other churches, community activities, and organizations both locally and internationally.
There are many songs and lessons that define her childhood, but one of them that stands out as she explores the depth of her heart is this song/poem:
No Man Is an Island (who knew there were so many versions stemming over 400 years ago!)
Joan Baez
No man is an island,
No man stands alone,
Each man's joy is joy to me,
Each man's grief is my own.
We need one another, So I will defend,
Each man as my brother, Each man as my friend. I saw the people gather,
I heard the music start,
The song that they were singing, Is ringing in my heart.
No man is an island,
Way out in the blue,
We all look to the one above, For our strength to renew. When I help my brother, Then I know that I,
Plant the seed of friendship, That will never die.
Deborah continues to pray for an understanding heart to do what she is called to do; to discern between good and evil; and to have the right spirit of humility and self-discipline because out of this obedience one will experience a love that is so fulfilling and beautifully nourishing.
Augmenting the light and word within!

Deborah Garson

Broker | Associate
7232 W Sand Lake Rd., #103 Orlando, FL 32819

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